Ivy league baby outfit


Buying a three piece set can be the perfect way to get everything you need for your new little baby boy. They are great to buy in sets, since there are multiple pieces there and there is no searching for matching items.

This green, tan, brown and orange argyle pattern is great. It has such a great Ivy League look to it and will make little boys really stand out.

The Brown argyle hat and Brown argyle bib match wonderfully together and then paired with the long sleeved Brown argyle hat really pulls the entire look together too. The bib and cap are great since they are reversible as well. The front has the pattern and the back or underneath has a solid brown color.

So it is like getting two bibs and two hats in one. Plus, the tan onesie is so easy to mix and match with many other colors and pieces as well. You can never have too many onesies when a new baby enters the home and having them in plenty of colors makes getting baby dressed easier than ever.

Plus, this onesie can be worn alone or layered underneath another onesie or baby t-shirt as well. It is a great way to get baby dressed in comfortable easy clothing, while keeping them warm and secure too.

Not to mention also that there are so many other pieces that match the argyle pattern as well. It is great that there are matching burp cloths and receiving blankets too. As well as the fact that there are so many colors in the pattern that these pieces can easily be mixed and matched and combined with anything else that baby already has.


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