Leopard Print Onesie Set


Two-piece sets can be the perfect gift to give or to have for your own little one too. This set is perfect to give you additional onesies that you will need when there is a new little one in the home. Babies wear so many onesies that first year or so. They are so much easier to use than any other clothing that is available. They can easily be put on and taken off with very little effort. Plus, they are perfect for all the diaper changes that happen too.

They are so easy to unsnap and change a little one and get them dressed again quickly. The faster the diaper change can happen, the better. This set is perfect since it comes with two great short sleeved onesies in it. There is a solid black onesie and a short-sleeved leopard print onesie as well. This one is in light tan, brown and black. They are perfect to layer together or wear separate as well. They can so easily be mixed and matched with many other pieces and combinations too.
These are perfect for both boys and girls too. The pattern can easily be worn by both and have other colors added into them too. Plus, there are so many other pieces that can easily be matched to both these onesies too. There are all the solid colored clothing, as well as all the matching leopard print pieces too. The options are endless when it comes to these two great onesies.

This Outfit includes: