Turquoise onesie with cherry red accents


Having bright cheery colors for a new baby boy or baby girl is so much fun. Getting them dressed every day in new pieces and exciting colors is great for many parents. We all want our little ones to stand out and really make heads turn when they are out and about. It is great when we hear people ooh and ahh over our little ones as well. This three piece set will do just that.

The colors are so much fun and it is functional too. The great bright turquoise onesie and the fresh red bib and matching red booties is so adorable. The pieces are great too since they are necessity items that every parent needs plenty of on hand at all times.

Onesies are so easy to use and simple to get on babies. They make clothing changes and diaper changes easier than ever. Three snaps at the bottom and your done. Plus, they are perfect to wear in the summer or winter months. They can easily be layered together on those colder days or worn alone when it is nice and warm out.

This three-piece set has everything that is needed in it. There are plenty of pieces to mix and match with anything else that baby already has in their wardrobe. These colors are great since they can easily be mixed and matched and combined with many other pieces and colors too. They look amazing when paired with bloomers, skirts, shorts, baby pants and more.

This Outfit includes: