Wild Zebra Baby Outfit


Zebra baby outfitHaving unique and different patterns for a new baby boy or baby girl can be so much fun when getting them dressed. As well as having an array of onesies, bibs and caps for a new baby too. It is so important to have as many onesies, bibs and caps as possible when you bring your little one home.

They go through so many of them in the first year. There are multiple bib and onesie changes that take place everyday, as well as the fact too that all those diaper changes need to be as quick and painless as possible. The faster the better when changing a little one. Making sure to have an array to choose from, can make getting a baby dressed so much easier as well.

This three-piece set is perfect to have everything you need for a little one. It is perfect for both baby boys and baby girls too.

The great black and white pattern of the zebra print baby products is so easy to mix and match with many other colors, such as lavenders, pinks, blues, green, yellows, oranges, reds, whites and more.

The black and white in the zebra print, really makes other colors pop.

Plus, the onesie is a great kimono onesie style that is a little different that the traditional onesie, with snaps down the side, longer legs and a higher collar too.

Not to mention the fact that there are so many other great zebra print items that can be matched with it too, such as zebra burp cloths, zebra receiving blankets, zebra diaper bags, zebra head bands and designer zebra ribbon as well.

This Outfit includes: