Baby Hats – Top it off!


After delivering my first child, it became very clear what was driving me to have a kiddo. It wasn’t the giggles, the sweet smiles, the your the best mom ever‘s. It’s the maternity ward! The supportive nurses who are bursting with tips and tricks (not to mention them trading a sleeping and/or pain pill for the baby so you can nap), the little button next to your bed that answers every whim, the endless stream of visitors and gifts!!

I mostly remember how incredibly comforting taking home some of the rituals from the hospital was. Having the arsenal of tools that were once adorning the heated changing station, swaddling baby after changing, and putting their little hospital newborn hats back on. Those fraying little hospital hats that seem to make everything just right.

What if you could extend that comfort cap just a little longer and also make it about 2000% more stylish? Baby Milano offers a large array of solid colored baby hats to choose from to match any outfit that baby may already have! They come in many colors and shades of different colors to mixed and matched with coordinating pieces. Not to mention the adorable animal print clothing and hats we offer and our embroidered baby hats!!

With all of the personalized products we offer I am sure you will be able to create the perfect gift or baby item for your little one.


  • toddler hats

    Hats are a compulsion for toddler as their head is the most sensitive part of their body and need special care. More over it is required during winters.