Parenting Tips – Weather Changes!


Ah, autumn! Many changes are underway as our temperatures begins to cool, leaves turn to brilliant shades of orange, yellow, and red; and the weather becomes more unpredictable. Whether we need a light jacket, heavy coat, or umbrella can change from day-to-day, even during the course of a day! Keeping baby warm and comfortable is obviously very important. Luckily you came to the right place.

Here are some essentials tips for keeping your little ones healthy through cold and flu season.

Wash his hands — and yours.
Regular hand washing is the simplest, most effective way to get rid of cold and flu germs. So wash your hands after you change your baby’s diaper and wipe his runny nose, as well as before preparing food.

If your child’s in daycare, check into the “sick-kid” policy.
Make sure your child’s daycare center has a reasonable policy on keeping sick kids away from healthy ones. Many facilities require a child with a fever, the flu, vomiting, diarrhea, or an eye infection to stay home until these symptoms subside.

Do what you can to boost your baby’s immunity naturally.
To provide your baby with optimum immunity, breastfeed him if you can. Once he’s eating solids, make sure he gets all the nourishment he needs by offering him a variety of healthy foods. Create a schedule that will help him get plenty of sleep each night as well as lots of physical activity every day.

Make time to snuggle.
When kids are feeling under the weather, they need a little extra TLC. So in addition to keeping a constant watch on your baby’s temperature, make time to simply snuggle. Baby Milano can definitely help in this department. We offer a wide variety of  baby blankets, silk, receiving, and of course beautifully embroidered blankets for creating the perfect companion for baby to snuggle with.


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